The finest chocolate

We use only the best Belgian chocolate with 60% cocoa for our liqueur pralines. Pure, fine chocolate, carefully selected and processed.

Real liqueur

Our pralines contain much more liqueur than traditional liqueur pralines. No aromas, only the pure, full flavour of the original drinks. We work with an enormous variety of liqueurs: literally anything is possible.

Sugar crust

A pearly sugar crust retains the flavour of the liqueur in the chocolate. The sugar crust also allows us to add more liqueur to the praline, creating an extra powerful explosion of flavour.

Traditional and flexible

For over 30 years, we have perfected our craftsmanship. From large productions to personalised custom-made products in smaller volumes: as a top specialist in liqueur pralines, we can handle anything.

Bulk packaging

We offer our liqueur chocolates in bulk packaging from 1 kg to 2 kg. This can be done per assortment or per flavour. Moreover, our wooden trays of 2,59 kg to 2,9 kg are handy to display your bulk assortment on the counter.

Consumer packaging

We developed a range of consumer packaging for our own brands. If desired, we can also offer these types of packaging for private label applications, with your own brand names or logos.